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The southern part of the city currently known as Shengavit has been populated since at least 3200 BC, during the period of Kura–Araxes culture of the early Bronze Age.The first excavations at the Shengavit historical site was conducted between 19 under the guidance of archaeologist Yevgeny Bayburdyan.

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The ancient kingdom of Urartu was formed in the 9th century BC in the basin of Lake Van of the Armenian Highland, including the territory of modern-day Yerevan.

King Arame was the founder of the kingdom, that was one of the most developed states of its age.

These levels cover a time between 3200 BC and 2500 BC.

Evidences of later use of the site, possibly until 2200 BC, were also found.

With the growth of the Armenian economy, Yerevan has undergone major transformation.

Much construction has been done throughout the city since the early 2000s, and retail outlets such as restaurants, shops, and street cafés, which were rare during Soviet times, have multiplied.

After two decades, archaeologist Sandro Sardarian resumed the excavations starting from 1958 until 1983.

The 3rd phase of the excavations started in 2000, under the guidance of archaeologist Hakob Simonyan.

The city also serves as the seat of the Araratian Pontifical Diocese; the largest diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church and one of the oldest dioceses in the world.

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