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However, after the show returned from its summer break in September 2013, she began to host one episode per week, with Mc Lean anchoring the remaining four.

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I write a lot of educational books and have a big maths website so my time is spent with those too.

I like to do things properly and it's unfair to commit to something half-heartedly Vorderman is the presenter of the annual Pride of Britain Awards, which are televised by ITV.

Vorderman declined, and a search for a new presenter began while the show went into a four-month hiatus.

In October 2005, Des Lynam replaced Whiteley and co-hosted with Vorderman.

In January 2007 Des O'Connor replaced Lynam; Vorderman continued to co-host the show.

On 25 July 2008, after 26 unbroken years with the show, it was announced that Vorderman was stepping down from Countdown.

Her lasting success on the show led to her becoming one of the highest-paid women in Britain, ultimately earning her an estimated £1 million per year.

In June 2005, the producers of Countdown asked Vorderman if she wanted to fill the role of main presenter vacated by the recently deceased Richard Whiteley.

Adams, Langsford and Andrea Mc Lean hosted the show in rotation, with Vorderman remaining as an occasional presenter on the programme, usually presenting one episode a fortnight.

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