White collar girl dating blue collar guy wrexham dating craig

It’s a dangerous misconception with serious consequences.

Currently, 5.6 million jobs are unfilled, the majority of which require training – not a college degree.

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These traits are based on the man and his upbringing, not whether he is white collar or blue collar. IMO A blue collar man should NEVER pursue a white collar woman.

By that I mean that a man should NEVER pursue a woman who earns more than him, EVER. The only time I'd consider it "ok" for a blue collar man to be with a white collar woman who earns more than him is IF the woman pursued him.

Meanwhile, 1.3 trillion dollars in outstanding student loans are on the books – much of which will never be repaid..

And now we see the latest casualty – legions of college educated women who might have to settle for a skilled tradesman. This attached video concerns itself The Color of Collars, and the inevitable bias that follows our insistence on promoting one form of education at the expense of all the others.

According to the headline, more women should consider “dating down,” a process whereby college educated women explore romantic possibilities with men from a “lower educational or social class.” The article itself includes several profiles of happy couples, each consisting of a man who didn’t graduate from college and a woman who did, and concludes that certain men who didn’t get a college degree just might be a viable option for white-collared women who did. Imagine for a moment, if The Post had attached the same headline to an article that suggested single women looking for love could improve their odds by dating men of a different race. Imagine if the article included interviews with interracial couples wherein white women found happiness with black men.

Then, imagine the fallout if The Post concluded – in their headline no less – that more white women should consider “dating down” to achieve the same level of happiness?In which case, that person might bring a lot to the relationship.I'd rather be married to a guy with the city's best string of garbage trucks, than to some hack lawyer.Consequently, I’m being told that people often find out about events after the fact. You’ll need a code, which you’ll get automatically from emailing [email protected] So – if you’d care to know what I’m to and where I’m going, (I’m talking to you, mom,) drop me a line at [email protected] I don't think it matters what a person's job is, it's more about whether or not they are passionate about it..they have drive or not.

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