What to do when apple tv zes while updating

A full size jpg image on the i Phone 4, for example a full width background image on Word Press, would be 640 pixels across, on the i Phone 7 plus, that image would need to be 1080 across to take up the same physical space on the phone So we get a formula: So to recap…

When it comes to designing your Word Press website, forget about screen resolutions and focus on the overall aesthetics of the design.

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The truth is quality Word Press web design is more complicate now than in years past. You should be designing your Word Press website, specifically for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Plus for each of these you may wish to output various image sizes — especially for your mobile audience.

This is why Points are more related to physical size than pixels. The red line below represent the original i Phone pixel.

You can see that on the more modern i Phones, that pixel would look incredibly small. Or in the Android world, this is called the Density Independent Pixel (dp).

When Apple and other manufactures introduced the Retina type screens — which are simply screens with smaller size pixels — they had a problem. On a Retina screen an image 320 wide will only be half width on the screen.

That’s not good for images, it’s even worse if you are designing a UI interface like a button as they would become too small to be usable.

Speed is incredibly important when it comes to the success of your Word Press website.

Despite being a fan of the Word Press CMS I would also add that one of the disadvantages of Word Press is a bloated infrastructure, so you want to optimize speed at every given opportunity.

Back “in the day” — before “device proliferation” life for the web developer was very simple.

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