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Some changes have enormous implications; in the United Kingdom some years ago, for example, the entire regional numbering system underwent a drastic change, with virtually every area code getting an additional “1” inserted.Even then, the capital had a subtly different system.

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No longer was the number of telephone numbers required largely limited to the number of households, but many times over.

The continued strain on the pool of available numbers can only increase the likelihood of further changes.

The countries library contains a bunch of geographical information which includes international dialing codes.

Here is an excerpt from As you can see, this demonstrates that Austria uses the international dialing code 43. Well, using the magic of Lodash (or Underscore), there are a few ways in which we can query dialing code-related information.

However, it’s one thing to annoy users by making assumptions – asking a non-US user to provide a state and a zip-code.

It’s quite another to make a form completely unusable, for example by forcing people to provide numbers in a certain country’s format.For example if you operate in a single country, and telephone numbers are captured to be used by a human operator, you might not need them.But for anything remotely automated – such as sending SMS messages – or to validate them effectively, you’ll need to capture the country prefix.There isn’t necessarily a one-to-one mapping; 44 for example, is used not just for the United Kingdom but for the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey.Numbers must also be altered according to where you’re dialing from.It’s also commonly used for telephony based services such as SMS providers, as we’ll see a little later. The E.164 standard might be great for storage, but terrible for two things.

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