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True Sons of Freedom, a photographic exhibition at the Library of Virginia, explores the stories of Virginia's African American soldiers who served during World War I.

The exhibition runs from January 16, 2018-November 9, 2018.

They believe it because that’s basically what VA says in person and on the website, My Health. But when we get additional records using other methods, like a Privacy Act request, they get pretty pissed pretty fast.

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VA then refused to help me even though the test results were only remotely related to the services I was seeking given the copious amounts of data VA already possesses about me.

During the audit, I conducted a side-by-side comparison of my medical records.

VA demanded I submit but refused to explain what tests they would perform.

As an attorney, I know this is bizarre, and I refused.

RELATED: How to use FOIA to get a copy of your records When compared, the note I received using the Blue Button option contained 583 words.

The same Progress Note from my Release of Information request contained 1,739 words. When I looked at the specific differences, the note from My Healthe Vet did not contain the derogatory comments from VA health care providers that were contained in the Progress Notes from my Vist A records.The problem here is we let VA decide what the key portions are.Making matters worse, VA is constantly working to erode our ability to access our own records.You are probably not getting all your medical records if you rely on the My Healthe Vet VA Blue Button option.Instead, you need to file a Release of Information records request or Privacy Act request for “any and all medical records.” I personally compared the exact same entry comparing a Vist A Progress Note to a My Healthe Vet VA Blue Button VA Note.VA wanted me to submit to yet another neuropsychological evaluation.

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