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They are involved in all aspects of Spigot MC and depending on other factors such as age may play a significant role in the overall governance of the project.

In addition to the standard requirements you must have at least 250 posts on the forums to apply for this position.

In addition to the standard requirements you must have at least 100 posts on the forums and be able to understand (but not necessarily write) Java code.

Social Media: We are considering the creation of a new role to help manage the Twitter and Facebook pages of the project.

We are most interested in using this server to find bugs which are not present in either Spigot 1.12.2 or Vanilla 1.13-pre7.

If you find any, please report them to the issue tracker linked below, after doing appropriate testing on the aforementioned versions.

Please give them a read and email policy (at) if you have any serious questions or concerns that you believe need to be addressed, and we will endeavour to look at them.

~Spigot Team The Spigot Community Server is once again up and running.

Please note that due to ongoing world generation changes, this world is liable to frequent resetting.

Server: play.Team Speak: talk.Configuration / Issues: MC/Spigot Craft E: Tester = 100 posts, Helper = 500 posts. EDIT: Time has been moved an hour earlier to UTC This Wednesday we expect to be performing some maintenance on servers affecting both (these forums) and hub.

In particular note that there is currently a significant number of Vanilla bugs, and it is very important that you do not waste our time by reporting these.

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