When the tablet has fully rebooted, and you are back at the home screen, you can then disconnect your Go Tab.

➮ You will need to go into ‘settings’ and switch on the Wi-Fi as the reset will have disabled it, turn it on and the tablet will automatically scan for available Wi-Fi networks, if none are detected, select scan in the top right of the screen under the wireless and networks category.

If you perform the update process using a program in the OS, you can copy the necessary files from the server using the wget application or the libcurl library.

The first section is filled with a Linux kernel loader, which in turn can be executed in several stages.

Usually, this procedure uses the TFTP protocol widely supported by various loaders.

When the Go Tab has been detected correctly, you can now click the “Restore” button to start performing the firmware upgrade.

➮ The upgrade will begin, devices connected will flash yellow, and will notify you once it has completed.

Keeping the Android Operating System up-to-date ensures you with all the latest improvement and fixes for your Liberty Tab.

This procedure outlines how you can upgrade your Go Tab to the latest firmware, giving you the most up to date features available on your Go Tab. A Windows PC running either (Windows XP or Windows 7) 4.

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