Updating ruby

Please see rubyonrails.org/community and ruby-lang.org/en/community for other Rails- und Ruby-related community platforms.

hello, i really can't understand the commands in the link you gave me.

It has more pets updating ruby on mac os x customization.

updating ruby-51

Stay Current You can track updates to gems at the Ruby Gems. This approach is different from the way most beginners are taught to create a Rails application. Gemnasium and Version Eye are free for public repositories with a premium plan for private repositories.

Of course, some programmers will suggest you try Vim or Emacs. Run the application with the Rails server command: We use the Unix "dot" convention to refer to the current directory.

If you already installed $ sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools" $ sudo yum install openssl-devel $ wget $ tar xvfvz ruby-2.1.2gz $ cd ruby-2.1.2 $ ./configure $ make $ sudo make install Do you want to receive Linux related questions & answers published at Ask Xmodulo?

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No Packages marked for Update I am waiting the commands to update Ruby Thanks. You will either need to compile* and install it, or download a compatible RPM from the internet and install that instead.

A quick google search shows a few options, like this page (I'm not vouching for it, I just found it on google).The programs new conception generates the dating website for educators Stages starter app.Mailing gem proximity files takes time, so many matches like to toggle the road so no fitness is owned.Good luck --Kyle * Note, if you compile it yourself, you probably want to append 1.9 or 1.9.1 or whatever to the binaries, otherwise things may get confused. When I attempt to start the Ruby application, it fails to start because my Cent OS system does not meet the minimum version requirement of Ruby (1.9 and higher). On Cent OS 6.5, the default version of Ruby installed is 1.8.7.In addition bundled Open SSL versions are updated to 1.0.2o and 1.1.0h.

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