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When Q exports a table or chart to Power Point and Excel it scans the documents to see if the code is contained within the document and, if it is found, the option of updating is provided.This updating mechanism is relatively robust and can be used to update a document from multiple Q projects and also to update multiple different documents from a single Q project.

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Each time prompting me with a warning that "is already open.

Reopening will cause any changes you made to be discarded. So since the Powerpoint has 8 different tables from 3 different files, the warning pops-up at least 16 times or more usually.....making opening the file much more time consuming than previously experienced The intention is to add more links to graphs, but this issue is preventing further development.

Every table and chart which appears in the Report tree contains an invisible code.

When charts and tables are exported form Q to Power Point this invisible code is hidden in the exported objects.

After you create a template and compress the files into a file, you may want to modify the template.

You can do this by manually changing the files in the template, or by exporting a new template from a project that is based on the template.

The add-in can significantly improve productivity for scenarios requiring updating of recurring reports and documents that need to be customized/personalized multiple times.

It is often used for information-intensive applications where Excel is used to capture, consolidate, calculate, analyze, or summarize data.

It also makes it easy to link/map the “dynamic” content to be updated.

Update any new or existing Word or Power Point document with content from any new or existing Excel workbook.

Fee-based versions are also available to enable premium and enterprise features.

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