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One individual said she felt she would need to shower off after taking a bath!Her Home Publisher Janie Murnane added, “Women can develop infections due to soaking in bubble bath or other products that can cause irritation.” Age and accessibility. I have four grown children and will soon be a grand mom.

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Custom home buyers and older individuals were less concerned about resale.

“If it’s popular in new homes, it will be popular in resale homes, too,” represented feedback we received.

Note: If you dream of having a large tub, talk with your contractor about larger capacity water lines (so the tub fills faster) and a larger capacity water heater (or separate water heater) for the tub.

Scott Smith, General Manager at Rooftight Homes in Fall River, Nova Scotia, pointed out “When women I talk with realize jetted tubs are simply recirculating the same water with their hair and dead skin cells, they quickly lose interest in a whirlpool tub.” In our interviews, some ladies thought soaking in a tub of dirty water and soap scum was just offensive.

And make sure you can run just one showerhead when you prefer. ” was typical of regrets we heard over having to clean a bathtub that wasn’t being used. Younger buyers planning on moving again were more concerned about resale, viewing the master bathtub as an investment.

Larger/deeper tubs are even more difficult to clean. In effect, they were building for the next buyer, not for themselves!Custom home designers suggested future buyers would just remodel the bathroom if it was really important.Remodelers and home stagers agreed that if the seller’s budget allowed, taking the tub out of the master bath and installing a big shower was a sure way to get a home sold.above left: Luxury showering can include special showerheads pre-set with your preferred temperature and spray patterns. Can you have the bathtub and the larger shower too?photo courtesy Moen above right: Kohler’s sok® overflowing bath with chromatherapy for added stress relief.photo courtesy of Kohler Co. Is it because you enjoy soaking in it or because a beautiful bathroom should have a beautiful bathtub? Are you making the decision based on what you want, or for the next owner of that home?Throughout the home, today’s buyers are showing more practical housing preferences, such as the great room concept replacing formal living rooms.

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