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Show them this video so they can increase their chances of getting a response.That said, here’s the free download: In this document, I share two word-for-word scripts I’ve used to email people I don’t know with hopes of getting them to share my content (or join me on my podcast).

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I use a computer algorithm to generate recipient email addresses. Because so many of us use [email protected], (where are known email servers).

What I mean is, none of us use completely random email account names, and so guesses are as likely to work as not.

The paper record is kept in a secure place under lock and key. The application is password protected itself so remember that to open the application. I do the same for CNET, where little trouble can be caused other than nuisance value.

I would offer the password manager software but it is no longer available.

I thought I was long winded but to answer some of your questions when the incident happened Yahoo posted a memo similar to Twitter when Twitter is having problems. What do you use to manage your emails, email software or a web browser?

I only have about 15 contacts in my Yahoo email but a few are business types and I did not like it when it appeared to me they received emails from a Canadian pharmacy advertising sex drugs. If a web browser then there may not be any Preview option. But in email software there is the option for emails in your Inbox listing to preview in a window 'under' the listing.

I don't care if the majority of those emails I send fail to get results. Many will fail because the email providers intercept them.

Many will fail because the recipient has their own Junk or Spam mail controls that simply delete the emails without them being opened or previewed.

Plus, I break down these scripts—LINE BY LINE—to show you why I say the things I said.

This will make it MUCH easier for you to replicate. And of course, if you’re new here, make sure you hop on the newsletter to get more of the good stuff.

But the problem is, email address spoofing is easy for the spammers.

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