Two intimidating hypp

The video was longer than our usual ones so I put it in 2 parts to decrease loading time.

It's quiet possible that Reuben will be able to work a trade with me on this gelding before he is sold.

Reuben envisions Heza being his very own "Stacy Westfall" project.

When we walked into the pasture, she picked us before we could pick her!

Adorable (even if she does look like a wooly booger! I'm not a fan of Haflinger because they are usually so stubborn with kids but this one is easy for even the most beginner rider.

She got to trotting a little faster than we like in the video with Reuben riding her but if you will notice, he has his heel dug into her asking for increased speed.

We made a couple of quick videos including using what was available for a redneck obstacle course! Better videos coming as soon as we get her to our main location.

Check out how she responded on a super windy day with a rain coat blowing in the breeze around her head!

Harley, aka Rugger, hadn't been ridden in a couple of months on the cold, dreary day he came in and was still very enjoyable! I can only imagine how pretty he will be when he sheds his winter coat!

Is a wonderful trail horse and very tolerant of young riders.

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