Tupperware dating cards

Ask everyone when they place their order if they would consider doing what you do.

If one person in particular asked alot of questions invite them for an information session.

Cards with illustrations are later cut up and reused for gift tags or decorations.

You know i would never expect someone to make a big decision like that without learning more.

Perhaps we could get togther for coffee this week and i could show you more of what we have to offer."So you need to keep busy.

It was suggested by one of our newest members Tammy C in NL that we should have a blog to keep folks up to date.

This allows us to share tips and training as well as specials or ideas with each other. Our team has grown alot in the last little while, we have members here in NS, in NL in PEI and even as far as BC. You earn a ticket for each question you ask me about my business.

Dating games help you to determine who might be a good candidate and also allow you to get parties right away.

Anyone willing to play a dating game is probably considering dating a party anyhow.

Give each person a smidget at the beginning of the party. Once you have gone through introductions ask everyone to bring out their smidget.

Now ask them what they would do with their smidget.

After I’ve looked at and enjoyed the cards and letters I receive, I put them in a stack. I’m too sentimental to throw cards away right away.

My husband doesn’t have a problem with reading a card and then recycling it, but then again, he never thinks about topics such as “how to organize greeting cards.” The stack method really does help me to keep them at a reasonable amount.

Sure you can start calling all your friends, neighbours, co-workers etc to date parties, but you need to get beyond your own circle of friends as well. Don't forget to ask every person at the end of the party when they are doing up their orders if they would like to host their own party.

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