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It is wise to consult your veterinarian on what insurance they accept and would recommend.My general view on insurance companies of all kinds is not a favorable one.

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Socialize and train your pet with positive reinforcement techniques when it is young, so that it is less likely to develop behavior problems when it is older.

Set aside some savings in case your pet does develop a medical or behavioral problem, so that you can act on it quickly.

Health insurance alone can exceed $200 per year for a dog, and it may not even be worth it.

And if you rent an apartment with an animal, you can expect to pay hundreds, if not thousands, more for a pet deposit, fee and rent. Our data set ranges from minimum pet-care provider rate per visit to pet businesses per capita to walkability.

Unfortunately, many pets are euthanized because the guardian does not have sufficient funds to pay for a severe illness or injury.

Insurance could be helpful in avoiding these results.

To many of us, pets are family — only furrier, slimier and sometimes cuddlier than our human relatives.

Naturally the nearly 85 million pet parents in the U. today seek out the places where their beloved companions can enjoy the highest standard of living — hopefully at the most reasonable cost.

With pet parents in mind, Wallet Hub’s number crunchers compared the creature-friendliness of the 100 largest U. Scroll down for the winners, expert pet advice and a full description of our methodology.

For the right reasons, pet ownership can be a personally fulfilling endeavor.

Beware of obesity in your pet, as it will contribute to long-lasting medical issues, which can be costly to manage (not to mention painful and uncomfortable for your pet).

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