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A few different versions sprang up in the succeeding years, the most famous of which was recorded by icon Johnny Cash in 1970.Unfortunately, for all the Rock's fame it was not quite as glamorous in reality.What was known as the Rock Island & La Salle Rail Road Company, officially incorporated on February 27, 1847, would work in conjunction with canal and riverboat operators to move freight and passengers into Chicago.

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The railroad offered wonderful bucolic scenes in postwar years of tired covered wagons negotiating rickety and weed-covered trackage to serve a local customer along a rural Midwestern branch line.

While such scenes provided fascinating subjects for the camera they more vividly illustrated the railroad's plight.

Roger Grant) points out, the M&M also planned branches to Muscatine and the Minnesota border via Cedar Rapids; the former opened on November 20, 1855 but the latter was not reached until some years later.

Within two years of reaching Rock Island the Mississippi River was bridged and direct service into Davenport, Iowa opened on April 23, 1856.

As the M&M languished its competitors, notably the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy and Chicago & North Western, eyed their own extension to Council Bluffs while expanding in other directions far beyond the Windy City.

With Congressional passage of the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862, subsequently signed into law by President Lincoln on July 1st, the Union Pacific Railroad was established as the eastern leg of the Transcontinental Railroad.The road then slipped into bankruptcy and was reorganized as the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad in July of 1866.Hope for prosperity returned, however, when new leadership under John Tracy sought the Rock's completion.In one of the industry's great ironies, most of the railroad's principal routes survive today.From a nostalgic standpoint many would argue the Rock Island was the greatest of all grangers and it's often hard to dispute that belief.Agriculture was always the Rock's lifeblood and the two carried a symbiotic relationship.

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