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We considered several options, but Kerio Mail Server proved to be the best solution.

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If you have an Active Directory or Open Directory environment, you can link Kerio Connect into your directory system to give your users a single sign-on experience. Kerio Connect makes it easy to share calendars, mail folders, and contacts lists. Like Exchange, users can setup delegates to perform tasks on their behalf. The last time I called Microsoft, I spoke with six people, and the issue I called about was not solved.

Do you need a group or project calendar that is viewable only by specific people? Kerio Connect provides the tools to make sharing simple. Kerio employees monitor the forum, and they often reply to posts to offer advice, and to ask for more information about a problem someone is having. I never even got a chance to talk about the problem. When dealing with Google support, I feel like I am speaking to someone who really doesn’t care if my problem is solved or not.

While Google’s mail service is cross platform too, it works best when you use their web client. Kerio Connect also works great with Thunderbird, Airmail, Busy Cal, and Busy Contacts.

If you want to use it in Outlook on Windows, you must install a sync client that is often buggy an unreliable. Kerio Connect can be hosted from Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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If these guys don’t know something, they find the answer for me. It includes SSL encryption as well as anti-spam and antivirus tools that administrators can tweak and adjust according to the needs of their business.

Kerio Connect also includes an automated backup and restore system. Kerio Connect provides users and administrators with the tools that they need to remotely wipe a lost or stolen mobile device.

Lower licensing costs, plus the ease of administration make the total cost of ownership much lower than Exchange.

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