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i hope my experience would be useful to many.i urge you guys to provide me your valuable replies if i proved fruitful to you somehow.. LOL, I see many gays here trying to stereotype Bisexuals as lairs and cheaters.

The fact that guys hide their marital status with their gay partner for *** has nothing to do with whether they are bi or gay. There are a lot of pure bottom or top married gays too do the same.

They will never come to know about what I am doing.

I start with 1 finger then 2 then 3 and then 4, i keep stroking my fingers in and out for at least 5-10 mins daily, which keeps my anus smooth, soft, wider and lubricated.

Once i am done with the finger i do a bit of prostate massage which is by far the most pleasurable exercise that once could ever imagine on this earth.

@Harikr i totally agree with u bro when you say "There is only one life, enjoy it satisfying your desires and without hurting others." ..

*** is purely for pleasure, and when two people have it with mutual consent, itsonly goingto make both happy..

@Clueless Hubby , Why are U reading between the lines and giving your own interpretation to what I said?

Whatever I do and get additional enjoyment, I do that after ensuring that my family is safe and fully satisfied.

It took me more then 3 to 4 months to finally get my hole a bit broader. I then wash myself properly with soap and again insert my 1-2 finger to drain out the residue liquid which generally left out in it, which actually comes out a bit warm, due to the body temperature which warms the water.

What i actually used to do is basically hand shower jet and fill my bowel area with the water and then push it out. Anyways once i am all cleaned up i practice fingering myself with the help of ponds body lotion(dont use coconut oil rather the water based gel, which is actually costly to use regularly so i prefer ponds body lotion.

And it goes back and stiffed when not worked upon for few days. do not pressurized the soap water ever, rather use normal water. Avoid using cold water in winters rather use warm water.3.

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