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Not snow, but it left the city streets covered in ice. First, the signs go up, warning people to move their cars.

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“Driving conditions will be positively dangerous, with widespread transport and communication disruption expected.

The danger will be greatest in areas that will see warmer air tussling with the big freeze.

The phenomenon is much more common in the US and Canada, where heavy build ups of freezing rain have been known to bring down power lines and trees, though Met Office spokesman Craig Snell tells Huff Post UK it’s unlikely to cause the same damage here.

Please be aware that sheet ice is forecast for #Friday morning. #weatheraware #Storm Emma Fon JHgb O — Devon&Somerset Fire (@DSFire Updates) March 2, 2018This is why you should clear #ice off your vehicle before driving. Uz81F5g C0 — Liam Dutton - Weatherman (@liamdutton) March 2, 2018Slow mo showing the freezing rain bouncing off of the huge amounts of snow which has created a sheet of ice as a layer overnight. A76fv2z — Tom Vickery (@TVickers1) March 2, 2018 The RAC warns that freezing rain has the potential to leave Britain’s roads at their “most treacherous”.

Sara Thornton, of digital weather service Weathertrending, said: “Even if the snow doesn’t get you, gale-force winds and super-cooled freezing rain could turn parts of the UK into an ice rink by the weekend.

Snow-bound Britons have been warned they face a new threat from Storm Emma, with forecasters predicting “freezing rain” will hit parts of the UK.

Freezing rain, which last struck Britain back in 2010, is treacherous for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians as it forms a slippery layer that is often invisible to the naked eye.

It snows approximately 60 days a year, totalling about 200 cm of snow.

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