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"If the issue of custody has been resolved, there is basically no room for further legal dispute." The lawyer said that in such cases the natural father would have a legal duty to provide maintenance for his children even if they were born out of wedlock.Under the law the children would also have a claim on their father's assets.Instead, the real happening was about the lives of Richard Li and Isabella Leong.

12 Nov – Rumours are rife that actress Isabella Leong has found new romance, after she was seen with an older man recently.

As reported on Mingpao, tabloids has released a video showing the 29-year-old actress meeting a 40-something man at a restaurant, and that the man seemed infatuated with her throughout their meal.

Rachel also said Li was very proud when he talked about his first son, Ethan, who was born last April in Canada and has since lived with Leong in the United States.

Ethan Li went to Hong Kong last December to visit his grandfather Li Ka-Shing, Chairman of Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa Limited and known as the richest East Asian in the world.

A 'photograph on Facebook' incident reportedly caused dissatisfaction among the Li family when Isabella uploaded some private photographs of herself and her sons on Facebook for family and friends to admire.

The media attention she draw brought the Li family into the limelight, and her actions were disapproved by Richard and his family.

Leong's spokeswoman, Michelle Loo, said their relationship ended earlier this year and the decision was personal. Li, 44, is chairman of last night that their separation was completely unrelated to an article that appeared in Next magazine 10 days ago, which reported that Leong was dating a man in Toronto.

The magazine published a series of photo shots with Leong sitting in a bar and chatting with a young man.

There are also rumours that Isabella wants custody of their 3 sons for a sum of HK million (S.9 million), reported Oriental Daily.

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