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Salma Hayek’s always been a confident exhibitor of her fantastic rack, and her turn as bisexual artist Frida Kahlo was no exception.

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🎸🎸🎸 Plus @heatherpeace, @Rachel Shelley, and lesbro @Jonathan_Phang! pic.twitter.com/Vejt7atd04 Today was the last ever #BBCHome Front readthrough day.

So many poignant threads unspooling through the last four years, now coming to a head... It’s been a huge privilege to be a part of this epic drama.

In last week’s Oscar broadcast, Seth Mc Farlane executed a monumentally disturbing “We Saw Your Boobs” montage which completely tore apart everything we as women hold dear about boobs.

His inclusion of rape scenes, post-sexual-assault doctor visits and stolen private photographs as triumphant moments in the Showing of Boobs was a despicable example of the pervasiveness of rape culture and the perpetual public ignorance of it. We feel like this would be a good moment to reclaim the Showing of Boobs.

I’m buck naked in all my videos too.” That’s the spirit!

Also, she plays a lesbian video artist determined to find out about the black actresses ignored by Hollywood history, so there’s absolutely nothing not awesome about this situation.Chaiken implemented a series of changes to the character, one of which being the inclusion of a sexual abuse storyline and self-harm, which some critics observed as being attempts to make her likable in the LGBT community.One storyline that gained mainstream attention was adopting a homeless dog, only to have it put down for personal gain.“As white people, we need to reflect on how our #privilege has played out and how it continues to do so in our everyday lives.We need to learn about and centre people of colour’s stories.We thoroughly enjoyed our time on @Radio DIVA104_4 with the awesome @heatherpeace @jonathanpang !

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