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This is a classic scent,but I don't think it's outdated. It has some similarities to X for Women by Clive Christian and Rasha by Al-Rehab. Lactonic peach redolent of peaches basking in the sun and luscious whipped cream with a distinctive plastic undertone and a biting edge from the coriander and patchouli.Longevity - 10/10(10 hours) Silage/Projection - 8,5/10(heavy projection and silage for the first 2-3 hours) Weather -best in autumn and winter Age - 25 Compliments - 7/10 Scent - 8/10 Main notes according to me - patchouli,peach,jasmine,rose,coriander,vanilla. Divine, but the modern formulation is diluted and fleeting compared to the unapologetic fruitchouli bomb I smelled years ago. What about layering ‘Rush’ (Tom Ford — poppers) with ‘Tuscan Leather’ (Tom Ford — brick)?Eventually, Rush settles down into light white florals that frame a sultry peach syrup accord and “something plastic.” I would really love this if it had less sweetness... Rush opens with a burst of heavy,loud,synthetic in a good way,sweet and a bit unusual plastic flowers mingled with creamy peach and with a wisper of bitter patchouli lurking at the edges.

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It is not surprising that filipina girls win of beauty contests. They are true coquette, love to flirt and always smiling. Such a fact facilitates their contact with foreigners.

Their main advantage is a gentle disposition, kindness, patience, the ability to resist the bad mood. But they can leave the country without any problems. The quantity of divorces has a low rate in this country and the poverty is high, so a foreign man is a good chance to get better husband for woman from the Philippines.

Filipino women have an exotic beauty and friendliness.

They have got the win in numerous international pageants of beauty.

The perfume was created by Michel Almairac in 1999.

ILOVE Gucci Rush only after it’s been on my skin about four hours.Unfortunately this note has a very scratchy effect on my nose so i'm not a fan, but I can objectly say that this blend is a good one! The opening is very syrupy-sweet and an intended "chemical accord" slaps you in the face.It does very LIGHTLY resemble the scent of poppers. Unforgettable 90´s perfume gem, a sign of that times. Rush is a LOUD & ULTIMATE PEACH /yes, I know, dirty patchouli & waxy flowers included - but that peach rules/, terrible & amazing at once, alluring & annoying at once, carefree with funky vibes. Fragrance -Gucci Rush Gucci Bottle from - 2015 This fragrance reminds me of a bit wild and passionate woman looking for some fun after the sun goes down.As we know, hawaiians are the sexiest in the whole world. have really slim figures - not too tall, but composed very perfect.The greatest thing is that they are slim from a nature. Most of them get a job in different countries as housekeepers.I am 21 and I had to pick this up since it's such a nostalgic perfume for me.

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