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In April 2009, Anchor Bay Films acquired the distribution rights to the movie.

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Principal photography took place over the course of 28 days in New Mexico with three days of shooting on location in the outskirts of Mexico City and two days of insert pickups in Los Angeles.

Several key cast and crew members came from Austin, Texas including the art director Ed Vega.

In the film's denouement, we realize that the real kidnapper was Jack's new wife, Amaya, with the help of her cousin, the Sheriff in Del Rio (who throughout the film appeared as if he was trying to help Jack and that he believed Jack's innocence).

We learn that the flashback we have seen throughout the film—of Jack/Roberto strangling a man at Katie's behest as she looks on in delight—has new meaning. Worse still, Amaya was in the room with Roberto and Katie when they strangled her father, hiding under the bed.

The actress appeared in the event alongside her husband of 15 years, Orson Salazar.

Vega and her husband Orson Salazar make an adorable couple.

However, Variety stated the film "satisfies as a solidly crafted and persuasively acted thriller that relies more on dark secrets than black magic" while The Hollywood Reporter commented, "Not Forgotten reminds you of a paperback you pick up at the airport...where the cover promises a pulp-ish combination of suspense, murder and..story is so engrossing, you wish the flight were longer".

Spanish actress Paz Vega who served the film industry for over 20 years was recently awarded the Jaeger-Lecoutre Award of the Latino Cinema.

Amaya's father was a degenerate gambler who owed a large debt to Katie and the Mexican Mob, and when he could not pay, Katie had Roberto kill him. We realize that she then set in motion an elaborate plan to emigrate to the United States and marry Jack/Roberto in order to punish him for murdering her father. Amaya and the Sheriff set fire to the room where Jack is (the same room where he killed Amaya's father many years ago).

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