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It took us an hour of wandering the hilly graveside pathways to happen upon Wilde’s lipstick-kissed tomb long after we’d stopped actively searching for it. This was not only my first date in Paris, where I was volunteering at a film festival and blowing most of my savings on fine cheeses, but also my first date with a stranger.

Before Paris, I’d dated people from my classes and extracurriculars.

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Without any personal precedent of being the one to make the move, I became, out of sheer necessity, the one to make the move. We’d had wine on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower at sunset, an embarrassingly sentimental date, though we made enough jokes about the cliche to claw our way out of it more or less unscathed.

We walked home to her apartment, where we sat on her couch drinking milky tea.

But here she now was, and she was pretty, and sparks sidled into the realm of possibility.

I’m shallow, but not that shallow; Ruby was smart, too, which I’d guessed from her profile and gradually confirmed as we made our way to Oscar Wilde’s grave.

The landscape consists of flat plains and low rolling hills in the north and west, while the rest of the country is mountainous with the Pyrenees and the Alps being the dominant geographical features.

France has several overseas territories and islands around the world as well.

Most of the country has cool winters and mild summers, while the Mediterranean region has mild winters and hot summers.

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My first date after moving to Paris was at a cemetery.

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