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When she died in 1920 of pneumonia her father, General Lombardo, was devastated.He sought the services of Italian Embalmer Alfredo Salafia to preserve her.

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Unlike Lenin, her internal organs are perfectly intact, including her brain.

Unlike Evita, her tissues are still soft to the touch and her limbs are bendable.

In 1955, the monks exhumed his body and discovered it to be incorrupt.

It was again exhumed in 1973 to the same discovery.

The government decided to preserve the body of Lenin for future generations.

As no attempts to mummify a body for generations had ever been attempted before, the Russians had to invent a highly complex process of embalming.His last testament was a simple request to be buried how he was found.True to his wishes, he was buried in the lotus position, wearing the same robes he died in.Discovered by accident in 1950 in the bogs of the Danish Jutland Peninsula by some unsuspecting peat farmers.So well preserved was this Pre-Iron Age corpse that he fooled his discovers into thinking he was a present day murder victim.Over 500 years ago, 15-year-old La Doncella and two other children were left to freeze to death by the Inca in a ritual sacrifice.

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