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There’s a lot of visibility now, even if it’s supposedly “anonymous.”No, I haven’t heard from anyone. It feels like it would be inevitable that you bump into someone at some kind of awards-season event or something. I hope it’s a situation where it’s a pleasant run-in. I had relationships with people and I understood after I got in trouble why no one wanted to get in touch. You had this chance to tell your story again, with Aaron.What made you feel you were ready to talk about some of these more difficult subjects?

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Aaron and I met, and then he read my book and got in contact with me again.

Interestingly enough, the character of Idris [Elba] in the movie — how in the beginning he thinks [Molly is] one thing and then realizes she’s another — Aaron had said that was like his journey with it.

The breathy, measured tone that Chastain adopts as the infamous “poker princess” in Aaron Sorkin’s was all there on the other end of the line, but as we spoke, it was clear that Bloom herself was under a hell of a lot less stress than the bandage-dress-clad screen incarnation.

She’s no longer secretly running multimillion-dollar poker games in the back rooms and hotel suites of Hollywood, for one thing.

Chastain’s Molly is notably the first front-and-center female protagonist that Sorkin, a pop poet of the male ego, has written.

But the film’s source material, Bloom’s dishy 2014 book which details her experiences as an underground celebrity poker mogul, is at its core a classic story of hubris, both on the part of the heroine and her rich and powerful clients.Yeah, and it’s exhausting and lonely to constantly live in secret! it’s been really healing and I’ve found a lot of inner peace by just owning everything and moving forward from there. It’s like a gambling addiction is just a small version of what was happening to the economy — even after that big of a loss, you don’t rethink your behavior, you just go back in. I think that’s really insightful that you say that, because that’s what it was. The guys that played with this much privilege, access, fame, didn’t want things anymore. This was losing millions and millions of dollars, playing for a couple of days at a time, and that’s unmanageable. I’d watch them walk home, and then I’d watch them after work, and watch them walk home again. I guess I’ve never heard an interview with you in person, but it’s crazy because now I realize her voice sounds exactly like yours. My family and friends are like, “Oh my god — it’s you!The other thing I like both about your book and the movie is that it’s kind of a weird period piece about a certain era of Hollywood and New York. People ask me all the time, “What was it about this game? In the book you really paint that picture once you get to the multi-day games, and it’s just like … It was a really dark time for me, because I imagined them walking home to their families and their lives, and I was just in this tower of a degenerate empire that I’d built, and I didn’t feel empowered anymore. ” Jess didn’t have a lot of time to prep for this because she had a lot of projects and we had a short prep time on the movie.And although you’re the narrator of this story and you’re driving it, in many ways it’s a story that’s very incisively about men. We have a female at the center of it, but it’s a woman in a man’s world. So when you did start working with Sorkin, how did that partnership work?And as an outsider, you had enough remove to kind of see through these guys and be an observer. What were you really adamant about, and what did he put his own spin on?It was only when she moved on from there when we began hanging out.

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