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“Since successful people tend to be metrics- and model-driven, they need to begin with research and information gathering, assess and evaluate what they have learned, and then turn that insight into a life-plan that is more meaningful.” The ultimate question for anyone considering how to make a greater contribution to his or her world: A simple way to get to this answer is to write your own obituary.

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Ask yourself: Write down each ultimate goal and make a habit of visualizing each one on a daily basis: you, running a marathon; your family enjoying dinner together; you and your partner building a home for the needy or embarking on a missionary trip to an underdeveloped country.

“If you don’t understand and set your own goals, you will end up living someone else’s,” Donovan cautions.

“Your 30s, 40s and 50s are an intense time at work and in building relationships, and the self takes a backseat to all this,” Winn says.

But when business is good and your children are getting older, it’s time “to press the reset button and ask, (Need more help?

We can accept certain values because we’ve been taught they’re important, but sometimes they don’t work for us.

That corner office and CEO title, for example, may cripple your heart and soul.

Maybe it’s the stories of child abuse or the parents working three jobs who still can’t pay their bills.

Maybe it’s the lack of vaccines in underdeveloped countries that could stem the spread of preventable diseases. “You don’t have to find one thing and stick with it forever.

Next, you need goals for the challenge or cause you’re focusing on.

“I tell people to create a business plan,” Cohen says.

“You need a higher purpose than just survival,” says Tina Tessina, Ph.

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