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I don't think it is unreasonable at 9 months to want to know where you stand and while I wouldn't approach it from demanding to meet the family, certainly inquiring about why you have not should not be something that would upset someone at this juncture. Do you want marriage, kids etc or are you both just having fun?

Have you met his friends or do you spend time primarily with him alone? If he does not take the relationship seriously then why meet the folks?

His parents live not too far from him, 20 miles the most,and he has told me he thinks the world of me,woteva that means. (Though the old man loves to visit, so he tries to come down every 1-3 months.) If you're not around the weekend that they show up, you might miss them.

Mom's are always curious to meet their son's girlfriends. Maby its a sub-conscience defense mechanisim in the event you hurt him.

I do think throwing the word love around so liberally is wrong though. In any event asking him about it is the only way to fix what you are feeling.

One time I asked him why he had never taken me to meet them . " I was afraid that if you got to know them, you wouldn`t have married me." He was right. My dad is also far from what you would call a good "specimen" of a father.

I would be afraid of what he would say or do to mess things up for me with a man.

Well maybe he doesn't love you and in that case, there isn't any necessity to meet his parents!

Well maybe he does love you, but his parents are dead!

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Probably just a slow mover, heck I am even slower than that.

A guy won't hear that out of me for at least a year, and he'll probably never meet my family. My family's not very functional, so in my case that's why - perhaps that's his problem? Long as you know his friends and you do things together, I wouldn't worry about it.

He is not embarassed because of what I see in your pic! I think I'd be pretty hard pressed to get someone to go 300 miles from THEIR home for the holiday.

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