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On a different note, consider that the audience has a much different perspective of making a movie than the cast and crew.

Two people may be the best of friends in the regular world but constantly butt heads when in a stressful, professional setting like a movie set.

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While this does not always show on the big screen, it can cause issues like lack of chemistry between the actors.

On the other hand, if the characters they are playing are antagonistic to each other, this can help add authenticity to their performances and increase their respect for each other.

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Lucas Stephen Grabeel was born on November 23, 1984 in Springfield, Missouri, United States. His girlfriends/ dating was with Sara Paxton, Emily Morris, Hannah Heart, Pamela Saunders, Brittany Snow.

His married, wife, movies and tv shows details are given below.

“He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax.

He's still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the Internet,” they said.

As such, while there may be hostility that doesn't mean they actually hate and despise each other.

There are many instances where in interviews people try drumming up that drama and they will be the first to defend their co-star.

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