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I kept trying to steer her back down the aisle because she kept trying to go in this narrow passage to a door at the back.

The door had glass and I was trying to keep her away from potential disaster.

I wondered to myself, Often times, our kids pick up a lot more than we think at Mass.

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So through her clunking and awkward questions and noise, just know that by her being there in Mass, she knows Jesus.

Every week now she asks to go take her walker and stand by Jesus’ door.

So I challenge everyone to take a breath, or even better, say a prayer, for that child that may be too loud, too awkward, too boisterous during Mass – it could be Meagan or someone like her just trying to find their way.

My job as her mother is to bring her closer to Christ, and find her way to heaven after this life is over.

I would turn her around, she would freak out and turn back towards the door.

Finally after repeating this process several times, she stiffened her body and yelled, “No! ” It took me aback as I had no clue what she was talking about.

She seemed more content to be on her walker, but it is very loud.

She loves to move, now that she can move, but she has little steering capability and absolutely no awareness of objects or people in her way.

She’s helped me to see that maybe sometimes, I just need to stand in front of Jesus’ door and enjoy His presence in my life.

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