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The name of the village, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, is this long as it is actually 3 words linked together - depicts 2 monks carrying a heavy burden on their head.

This area has for sure carried several heavy burdens,

the volcanic eruption in Skaftáreldar in 1783, which was the largest volcanic eruption for millenniums on this earth.

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Finally, she spotted a dapple-grey horse by the lake and decided on taking it and riding it.

The horse was so big that the nun couldn't mount it (). She rode it into the lake and none of them, the nun, horse and the comb, have been seen ever since.

This rock, appropriately called Fossasteinn rock, plummeted into the rift in 1830 during a rare thunderstorm in will find a folklore on how Systravatn - Sisters' Lake got its name."Above Kirkjubær you will find a beautiful mountainside with green grass up to its edge.

On this mountain vast grassland can be found around a lake called Systravatn - Sisters' Lake, as 2 nuns from the convent went there, either both of them together or separately.

As you can see in my photo above then there is no waterfall at all!

I add this photo here as I don't want you to be looking for a waterfall all over the place (like I did once) when the waterfall is dried up ;) If there has been draught then the waterfall looks like this.It is a lovely hike, with a path just above the pastures of the farmer.Make sure to stay on the path and not go into the pastures as it is private land.Fossá river cascades from the edge of the mountain hill from Lake Systravatn and down into the Fossárgil rift.If you look closely at my photo above you will see a huge rock just above the picnic tables.The days are so short in Iceland in winter time, that the sun barely manages to rise during the darkest months.

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