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Besides, individual company seminars or specific courses in Offset Printing, Publishing Operating or Printing Management can be organized upon request.

Further information Program and dates Due to the pragmatic approach, workshops have a total floor space of 1,400 square meters.

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The machine park includes Prepress, Media, Offset and Digital Printing, Plate-making as well as Finishing and ranks with the best- equipped in Europe.

Learning situation Small training groups Instruction is given by specialist teachers within intensive schedule.

Through the series, SPC will teach you a selling process of leading with security, steps in growing your recurring managed security services revenue and provide you…

When the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) was formed in 2005, the cyber threat landscape was a bit different from what we see today.

Small training groups with 5 to 10 participants facilitate close contact between students and teachers.

Excursions and plant visits give insight into German print and media industry and machine manufacturers.

Threats were a little less sophisticated, but there was one thing that we saw then that we still see now: the shortage of cybersecurity professionals and researchers. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been up and running for a couple of months now and your organization is compliant.

It’s time to take a little break – well, not so fast!

This week, Timehop, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Domain Factory announce a system-wide breach. In March 2007, the US Department of Energy demonstrated the…

Also, a new AI tool, Claudette, is holding tech companies accountable for GDPR compliance. At recent Industrial Io T security briefings, the Aurora vulnerability has come up repeatedly. Today’s highly automated and connected smart factories (Industry 4.0) were born out of yesterday’s steam engines that mechanized manufacturing (Industry 1.0); mass-production lines expanded with the advent of electricity (Industry 2.0); and then IT-enabled manufacturing plants ushered in the era of connected industrial control systems with programmable logic controllers (PLC). Trend Micro is excited to partner with SPC International in this 5-part Blog, Webinar and Online Training Series; focused on Building a Profitable Security Services Offering for MSP Partners.

The team is seeing consistent growth in submissions of Microsoft and Apple vulnerabilities, but now they’re also…

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