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Deed 1777 321 10 211494 records the date of Roger's will as .

You will probably find this tree rather large and unwieldy, though the details are often the more interesting part of the story.

There is a concise version in which the detail has been deleted.

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Deed 1758 190records a grant to Roger North on by Henry Pilkington of Toar and his son and heir Abraham Pilkington, of an annuity of 60 pa payable out of King for the lives of his children Charles, Susanna and Richard. Deed 1757 152 of 26 April 1757 concerns Roger North Newcastle, William North, and Robert Rochfort of Westmeath: Roger North did grant set and to farm [let] to Robert Rochfort his heirs etc, all the lands and towns of Lisaord(?

) [Lissara] c 72 acres Barony Moycashel from 1 May during lives of Robert Rochfort, Charles Rochfort his son, and Mary Rochfort his daughter, renewable forever (EN email ).

Deed 321 10 211494 of refers to his children Charles, Susanna, Richard, Ulysses and Joseph; it recites deed 1758 189 of , the demise to Roger North of the lands of Davidstown from Henry Pilkington of Kilbeggan and Abraham Pilkington of Toar for the lives of Charles, Susanna and Richard North for 5/- pa (that lease for lives was inherited by Roger's son Charles and subsequently exchanged for a lease for ever: deed 1779 391); the demise to Roger North of Lisauna [Lissara] in the Barony of Moycashel from Judge Rochfort of Steamstown for an annual rent of 10; and subsequent lease on of the same lands of Lisauna to William North of Clonfad in trust for Roger North at an annual rent of 4 (?

deed 1758 191 - though that deed has no recorded date, makes no mention of Roger North and is for a rent of 6 pa: perhaps recollections had become a little rusty by 1777? In deed 1758 192 of , Alexander Swift of Lyn, Co Westmeath, granted to Roger North of Newcastle an annuity of 25 pa out of the lands of Lynn for the natural life of said Alexander Swift.

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