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Of course, since the Net Beans Platform is based on Swing, you still can do this in your Net Beans Platform applications.

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There must be a way for Net Beans UI components to find the model they should render.

Instead of associating your Explorer Manager with each specific UI Component you .

In the previous sections we've learned about the Net Beans Nodes API.

From what we have seen you may think that Net Beans Nodes are similar to Swing's Tree Nodes, that are visual representations of "user objects" or entities. Net Beans Nodes are much more powerful, as we'll see all allong the way.

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It's Earthfall, available now on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One! Update: Sample App added a tooltip with binary data to check the Snake Yaml fix.* Fixed: Using getter/setter to access dirty flag Fixed: Renamed OMap Component#used to entry Needed Fixed: Added OMap Component#used to use with object map cleanup Fixed: moved OMap Container#omap Directory to Constants. Fixed: When invocation Target Exception is thrown throwing back the targetted exception. Added a Retry for the set Text to wait for the selected row to be rendered. 5, Fixed: Generate error when setup fails due to window is not opened, class not found etc. Fixed: set to the absolute path of the installation* Changes: Display Window - Returning Suite Editor if the file has extension suite. RSTAEditor - Adding cannot handle .suite file types. Fixed: Classpath in Java Runtime Profile for adding context menu classpath elements 5. Fixed: ignoring additional properties in the YAML files while constructing POJOs* Fixed: NPE in Dn DAction. Fixed: Added bigger timeout if destroy Runtime is called while a shutdown is in progress. Fixed calculation of the click point on table header items. Update: Grid Bag Contraints returned as a Map from layoutdata* 1. That's the Net Beans way to do things: a single Explorer Manager you set on a container can rule different UI child components at the same time.No need to have different Table Models, and Tree Models and List Models: you . To associate a UI container with an Explorer Manager you must implement the Explorer Manager. In our example application we have done that in the main JFrame, like this: /** * NBTweeting Main Frame is a plain JFrame that uses different Net Beans components. Provider, so all NB UI Components embeded within it * will use this frame's Explorer Manager as the object containing the main nodes.In our case we get the first selected node and see what abilities the node has, and perform some stuff depending on the abilities of the node (we enable the reload button if the node is reloadable and we set text in a text field if the node has the "Has Text Content" ability).

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