Is melissa george dating russell simmons dating older younger

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Melissa immediately started dating Russell Simmons, a hip hop mogul.

In the same year, she met Jean David Blanc, founder of Allo Cine and started dating him. She announced in August 2013 that she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Jean.

She announced that she is carrying Blanc’s child in 2013. When she talked about her failed relationship with Caludio, she said that she gave her former husband, a five year notice on certain issues which were not resolved.

After they announced their separation, she dated Russell.

Russell Simmons was spotted getting cozy with actress Melissa George at the 2011 MLS All-Stars vs Manchester United game at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey yesterday. AJ Calloway and Maxwell were there as well (in the maroon cap). Rapper Nasir bin Olu Dara was spotted chatting up a female companion while waiting for his car at the valet outside of Urth Cafe in West Hollywood. Just because they're sitting close to the VERY RICH Uncle Rus, doesn't mean that they're celebs too... the problem I have with these black men only dating outside their race is cause they love to sing to US and be in movies marketed towards US, produce music marketed towards US and make clothes marketed towards US, but then we're not good enough for them to date, I feel like they use us, if you like non black women than market to them, don't sing to black women, don't do movies with black women, don't make clothing for black women, let the white women support you Russell looks just fine dating younger women and women of other races. Obviously he does not give a rat's ass about what you HATERS think.

Nas is spending tme on the west coast recording his new album. I do hope that degenerate liberal bimbo brings the world a mullato, and we see the end od that particular bloodline because it is obviously flawed. Regular people with money can afford to sit next to Rus at a sporting event... He doesn't look like Maxwell, a horrible imitation of him, yes.... I can honestly understand why many, not all, black men pass on many black women. Yeah, youre right, Melissa George is still married. Why Natasha, did you have to ruin my day by letting me know that's Maxwell in the maroon cap.

Russell Simmons was spotted kissing his lady friend of the moment, Melissa George, at a sporting event recently.

See the pics inside and see candids of Nas chatting up a fan while waiting for his car at valet.

Melissa George has revealed that she thinks Russell Simmons is "extraordinary".

The Australian actress, who split from Simmons earlier this year, said that she did enjoy a "big love" with the 54-year-old hip-hop mogul, but their relationship was impossible because of the long distance between them.

if she has a thing for older men: "I do, but Russell's not old at all. He's so vibrant; he's the air everyone should breathe."He's an extraordinary man.

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