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Social work is founded on noble purposes and provides rewards that can sometimes seem short or insufficient in the face of challenging circumstances.

We’ve come up with 15 quotes that are sure to inspire social workers in need of some encouragement. They care about social injustices committed every day, across the globe—behind closed doors and out in the open. The vulnerable and disadvantaged in this world need more than pity—they need to see love operate selflessly and sacrificially. “glass half empty.” Studying and observing the problem rather than working toward a solution is a fruitless endeavor. Together, the differences form a harmony singing a well-orchestrated melody. It’s much easier to forget your personal woes when you’re serving the needs of those around you. But regardless of the results, the career rewards are intangible.

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The temptation to transform into a superhero social worker is inviting, yet unrealistic. That somebody can be a social worker, a compassionate soul, or an aspiring world changer. Social workers dare to speak what has not yet been said.

Piles of paperwork list names, dates, and difficult situations, but not all can be attended to in one day. The clock is ticking, and not one minute can be relived. They dare to challenge the powerful and intimidating.

The world can seem like a big, scary place for children, troubled teens, abused women, and homeless individuals.

A safer, more protective home begins with one person, in one home.

You can almost picture the smug look on the guy’s slowly fading as King Agesilaus sarcastically praised his giant walls.

What was even better though, was Agesilaus’ response when people would inevitably ask him where Sparta’s walls were.

We’re guessing the question only ever came up once.

Context: King Leonidas, upon being asked to lay down his arms King Leonidas was the guy Gerard Butler played in And yes, this is an actual quote from the man, not an invention of Hollywood.

Laconic humor was the term invented specifically to describe the dry, biting wit of the Spartan people.

We personally think it’s a little unfair that pop culture has mainly portrayed the Spartans as a bunch of ass-kicking, throat-ripping slabs of beef.

They are the ones who care enough to believe they can make the world a better place. Social workers conduct research, create strategies to solve social issues, and play their role as part of the solution. Every now and then, we meet younger versions of ourselves.

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