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Even though the actor is a huge guy, sometimes he still had to wear big platform shoes to make him even taller.

Here’s a before and after image of Tricoteux on the set of But since Tricoteux couldn’t always go through the swift motions needed for certain action sequences on set, that’s where actor T. Storm comes into play, doing motion-capture performing for body motion.

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FX Guide has a much more detailed dive into the visual effects, including much more than just the work that went into bringing Colossus to life.

isn’t even out yet, but it’s safe to say everyone loves new character Peter.

Personally, I think this mash-up of a variety of performances sometimes made the Colossus performance a little awkward, but not enough to really tain him as a character and take you out of the movie.

Even at those times, some incredible work was done to bring the character to life in the way that fans have wanted for awhile.

We were previously unsure of which character Bill Skarsgård was playing, but one of Peter’s tweets below gives us the answer.

Here, peter confirms Skarsgård is playing Zeitgeist.

As played by Rob Delaney, Peter is the seemingly-average guy who just happens to join Deadpool’s superhero team, the X-Force.

Peter has his own (verified) Twitter account, and today he took some time out of his busy beekeeping schedule to introduce everyone to the X-Force. There’s Zazie Beetz as Domino; Lewis Tan as Shatterstar; Terry Crews as Bedlam; and Pennywise himself, Bill Skarsgård.

I was watching an episode of the Incredible Hulk recently, catching up on my Hulk viewing.

As a kid, I was a big fan of the Incredible Hulk television series, which ran on the CBS network from the fall of 1977 until the summer of 1982. Well, as I was watching Hulk on Hulu, I noticed this one actor [in the episode titled "The Slam"] who played a prisoner where David Banner was incarcerated on a charge of vagrancy. So I did some research on com for that episode of Hulk, and found out his name is Charles Napier.

I always enjoyed the film and television appearances of these fine performers.

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