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The bird flies away with her and Link sets off on the pirate ship to rescue her.They hear rumors that the bird nests in a place called 'The Forsaken Fortress' in the North. However, Link is so excited when he is re-united with his sister that the bird notices him.Link heads to the Forest Haven where the second pearl, Farore's pearl, is located. The tree is about to bestow it upon him when the Koroks, a race of tree-like creatures appear.

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The bird drops the girl into a thick forest atop Outset Island.

Link finds a sword and enters the forest in search for the girl.

Whilst looking through the telescope given to him by his younger sister, Aryll, he spots a pirate ship approaching the island.

The ship is following a huge black bird with a girl in its claws.

The game begins with the retelling of an ancient tale told among the people of the Great Sea.

According to the legend there once was a fruitful and prosperous kingdom where an omnipotent golden power was hidden until suddenly one day a great evil found and stole this power and used it to spread darkness across the land.

The Rito tribe postman arrives and tells Link that Ganondorf, the dark figure from the Forsaken Fortress, attacked the island in search for the pearl.

Link returns to Windfall Island and discovers that the pirate's ship is docked behind a cliff.

The fate of the kingdom and its inhabitants are but a mystery to the inhabitants of the Great Sea but the story continues to be passed from one generation to the next.

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