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I would say the biggest downsides are that the crafting menu is extremely clunky (which was really annoying with the amount of crafting and resource management you have to do) and the fact that you pretty much have to repeat the same sex scenes over and over after you unlock the variations of each one.

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She’s the most level-headed, and rarely jokes around.

She formerly severed as a commander of the previous Kingdom’s elite knights, but was discharged due to pressure from her human colleagues.

During her travels to hone her swordsmanship, she received a great wound, whereupon she met Erogelsus. Normally she’s as elegant and beautiful as a nymph, but she’s an extreme coward, and her negative thinking often causes trouble for the other elementals.

At first she was a bit resistant towards him, since he was only half-human, but thanks to the care he and Myil-chan gave her, she recovered. Despite her best intentions, she’s pretty empty-headed.

She’s known Erogelsus since he was a baby, and has been with him longer than any of the other girls. One day she was carelessly flying through the sky when she smelled something good cooking at Erogelsus’ home.

She floated down towards the smell, where her bright energetic personality led her to quickly make friends with everyone on the ranch, leading her to decide to live with them.

She believes that she’s capable of playing dumb and smart equally well, but she’s actually a bit of a natural airhead. She’s one of the few remaining goblinoids with dwarf blood in her veins. She has a talent for making accessories and other small objects with her wind element.

When Erogelsus decided to set out on his own as an elementalist, Korin-san had been working as one of his family’s servants, and decided to go with and protect him. She’s also in charge of keep the ranch clean and orderly.

When she was on a walk with her fellow slime people, she became separated, got caught up in all kinds of trouble, and ended up stuck in a drain when Erogelsus found and rescued her.

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