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Charlotte singles seem to either not know this space exists, or they’re convinced anyone who wants to occupy it is ultimately trying to trick them into their bedding or a wedding. It’s in the low-pressure trial and error of casual dating that we learn about what we truly need in a partner. Commitment culture has confused what it means to really date.But commitment culture’s obsession with #relationshipgoals perfection and the end goal of marriage teaches us that dating anyone who deviates from your imagined ideal is a waste of time. It encourages us to reject fun flings and wait for a fantasy at the risk of missing out on all the potentially life-changing connections and valuable life lessons that exist in casual dating. It should be to have fun nights, meet new people, and experience life with the added twist of potential romance.More surprisingly, a large number of Hinge users now say they’re looking for more than a quick fling. “But the vast majority are actually looking for something more even though there wasn’t an app designed for that.

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Year over year, Agenda readers claim Charlotte’s dating scene is getting worse.

Singles are increasingly rating the romance potential in the city as a C, D, or F, while less are rating it an A or B. Too much of the blame is placed on millennial male daters and their preference for “hookup culture.” The fellas are presented as ravenous dudebros who are more interested in one night stands and casual sex than couple’s nights and double dates.

The idea was that putting in a bit more effort means that you’re more serious about dating.

And now, Hinge has released data as to the redesign’s impact.

“Those users are growing up.” Hinge also says the revamp is drawing in those who eschewed hookup apps in the first place.

Due to the redesign and the later introduction of features like video uploads, “people are showing more of their personalities and members are able to lead with something other than looks,” Abramowitz says.

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”) and like and comment on the responses and images of potential partners.

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