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Rather, the image “is part of a cycle of stories familiar to both Mycenaeans and Minoans.”Dr.

He said the seal must have been engraved by someone with a magnifying glass, even though none has been found, and dismissed the possibility that people of that era had sharper eyesight than today.

The seal, carved on a hard stone known as agate, shows a victorious hero slaying an adversary while a third warrior lies dead in the foreground.

Linear B was adapted by the Mycenaean Greeks from Linear A, used by the Minoans.

The oldest known Linear B inscriptions date to 1450 B.

The seal stone comes from an untouched shaft grave near the ancient palace of Pylos. Local chieftains, as the Griffin Warrior may have been, used precious items from Crete to advertise their membership in the Greek-speaking elite of the incipient Mycenaean civilization, the first on mainland Europe. Stocker believe that the seal stone, like other objects in the Griffin Warrior’s grave, was made on Crete.

Their descendants, a century or so later, built the great palaces at Pylos, Mycenae and Tiryns, places mentioned by Homer. Work of such quality was not being produced anywhere on the Greek mainland at the time.Perhaps the engraver was nearsighted, the two archaeologists suggest.Fritz Blakolmer, an expert on Aegean art at the University of Vienna, argues that the seal stone is a miniature copy of a much larger original, probably a stucco-embellished wall painting like those found at the Palace of Knossos on Crete.Well No, though it may be comforting to believe that your Teachers and Professors are of sufficient character that they would not lie to you, the facts do not support that conclusion.The fact is that European scientists had evidence, and knew from earlier that the 19th century, of the Black mans central role in settling and establishing civilization in Europe and everywhere else.The scene evidently represents some event that would have been familiar to the Minoans who made the seal stone and to the Griffin Warrior’s community.

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