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Jones details the backgrounds of "extraordinary and often eccentric men and women" who created businesses around the idea of a sustainable planet, going back to almost the middle of the 19th century.

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FOSO is reasonable for some women in circumstances where they have too much to lose.

They could be financially dependent on an abuser, work in a setting with few others like them, or face a limited set of opportunities in their field.

As I showed in my book , organizations on “winning streaks” thrive on a culture of respect, which underlies speed and innovation, while “losing streaks” are full of secret anger, shunning people who are different, and rejecting ideas. For example, a female tech genius CEO in a promising startup privately railed against a member of her investor-dominated all-male board of directors. Every time she heard it, she cringed, and felt his casual naming was a step away from rejecting her ideas or asking her for coffee. scientist-CEO to fret about this during packed days of market-building was distracting and productivity-draining. But this is actually “statistical discrimination”–playing the odds about typical gender patterns.

But the board majority supported this young male financial whiz. When sufficient examples of new associations accumulate, perceptions can shift; for example, young boys in California and New Hampshire might believe that only women can become US senators, as they see the pair of female senators in each state. As research by Harvard sociologist Frank Dobbin shows, diversity training programs aimed at attitudes are less effective than putting men and women together to accomplish tasks, which makes both competence and compatibility salient.

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Prominent women are joining the #Me Too moment, feeling safety in numbers as they reveal facing egregious bullying. Fear of Speaking Out (FOSO) is unfortunately common, especially in settings where women (or minorities) are unusual, few in numbers, uncertain of their future opportunities, and not yet firmly in power.

Businesses are reacting by firing the worst offenders and beefing up formal channels for complaint. She didn’t want to be accused of having no sense of humor. Without changing these underlying structural circumstances, we are stuck with common attitudinal explanations that appear to make inequity inevitable.

I’m confident that the tech whiz CEO won’t lose anything by speaking out; the investor board needs her talents.

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