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Would like to hear anyone having problems with this type of bypass. Had a echo showing the valve problems and my heart is somewhat enlarged.I also have a stent Xience from Abbott and am very fatigued. It sounds like they are having some success with this drug-coated stent but am worried. My BP is high 150/90 and have tried at least 5 different meds. Now I have two valves leaking, the mitral and aortic. • Kathy in Kansas and Bev in Michigan -- it is very frustrating to go through bypass surgery and then have the bypasses close up.

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Please help me understand • I had a quad bypass 12 years ago at age 60.

All went well and in 1-1/2 month I walked the Portland Marathon.

He can only lay on one side with out the pain and every doctor I called will not offer any option except pain medicine which is going to ruin his family or kill him. One surgeon stated wow your doctor put you back together in a hurry didn't he..... He desperately needs help but I don't know what to do any suggestions from anyone who has experienced this kind of pain.

Thanks to all and God bless • I had Davinci's robotic heart bypass using the mammary artery.

There are several different treatments/devices that may help with this.

As for his swollen leg, not possible to tell what that might be, but we recommend seeing his cardiac surgeon or cardiologist to get specific help for these issues. After recovery I still had problems, so a year later went in for a check up and due to results the DR. Good luck to all of you that are having problems too.

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The grant funding we receive does not fully cover our costs; please consider making a recurring monthly contribution or a one-time donation.• M in Devon - Stenting is done by an interventional cardiologist and not a surgeon. Cha, the surgeon, would not be the doctor implanting the stent. Cha and the interventional cardiologist discuss this issue together. Cha and the cardiologist should, to determine the risk involved.

• I was 36 in 2002 when I had my first heart attack and had a stent put in my right coronary artery. ordered another angiogram which showed 2 more arteries 50 and 65% blocked and several veins on my heart that are completely blocked. • I am 48 yr old Type 1 diabetic on insulin pump.. a lot of other medical things going on as well..I have been experiencing chest pain off & on for 3 wks daily the past week..

they wont do anything about the arteries until they are 75% blocked and the small veins they can do nothing about. I am scared and have made app w/cardio dr..next week... He can touch the worse spot and press down and feel the pain. Been to every doctor looking for relief he has never returned to any kind of work due to the pain.

I exercise regularly but feel pain often after but not during.

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