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I’m now going to tell you why none of this matters.

Fm, and a slew of other social media outlets, there are all kinds of ways even an average-looking woman can get hordes of beta males to slather them with adoring attention, whenever they want, wherever they are, within mere seconds. Back then, if a cute girl wanted men to tell her how pretty she was, she actually had to get dressed up, get out of the house, go somewhere, and interact with men in a very real way.

Today, she can just whip out her phone while she’s taking a dump in the bathroom and make a post on Facebook like the one below. Scrolling down, I saw mountains of follow-up comments from horny betas like: And on and on.

I could go on and on with historical examples, and I will expand on this in a future post, but the point is because of ASD, political correctness, the rise of left-liberalism, and the mutated version of feminism now embraced by some women, modern-day society is quite anti-sex in many ways as compared to historical times, as I’ve clearly demonstrated before on this blog.

Where these guys have a point is when they compare the 21st century to more traditional times, such as the 1950s or the 1800s.

True, women are far more promiscuous in a socially accepted way than in those eras.

And yes, I agree that this can and will increase the difficultly level for both Alphas and betas in regard to dating women and having long-lasting relationships.

If the problems listed above make it more difficult for you and I to go out into the real world, have sex with women quickly, and keep the quality women in our lives for a long time, the first question is: How much more difficult is it? I’m going to randomly pull a number out of my ass just for demonstration purposes and say that it’s 25% harder. Not to get or keep women, but to be a better and happier man. Improving Your Physical Appearance Way too many guys complain that American women “only like muscular guys now”.

Answer this question: How much more difficult is it for a 21st century Alpha Male to snag a hot, high-quality woman, and (if he wants) to keep her around for a long time, as opposed to an Alpha of equivalent attractiveness and ability back in 1986? I have no idea if that figure is accurate or not (and neither do you), but as I’m about to demonstrate, the actual number is irrelevant. Specifically I’m taking about four Alpha Male traits you’ll have to acquire or improve in order to break through the white noise of slobbering beta males and women who have easier sexual access to men. This is a wild oversimplification of course, since when I was a chubby bastard I was doing just fine (though I had to put in a lot more numbers than a ripped guy; I describe the difference here). If it takes you three or four years, it takes three or four years.

Then lastly, the fact society is becoming more forgiving day by day for slutty behavior and you have the last nail in the coffin.

Over the last week or so I’ve been thinking about this a lot. The problem is, I have to admit Fudge Man and guys with similar arguments do have a point.

This is the argument that today in America (or the Western world), women are more promiscuous now “than ever” and that we are the most non-slut-shamey culture “in history”. This statement is often made by men who apparently have not read as much history as I have, or who are thinking about the 1950s but not going any further back in time than that particular decade.

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