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The lights, the screens, cell phones, emergency systems, everything had gone dark.

In an instant, Jason recognized the onset of something much larger than a power grid failure.

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He ran to the window and looked out over the city, the intersections below were jammed with smashed vehicles, not a single car or truck or motorcycle moved, all the other office windows of the adjacent buildings were dark, no planes, no choppers, nothing.

Nothing moved outside, except for the people exiting their cars and wandering around in confusion. ” Jason repeated, “A set of protocol to follow in case of emergencies!

It started small enough; identity theft on a mass scale, attacks on credit card companies, border control databases, city surveillance, but then they crashed Wall Street.

After that, things got worse and worse, government documents were stolen and sold on the black market, attacks were made on power grids and municipalities, the very infrastructure of America and major cities around the world were beginning to lose stability. America first, then most of Europe, Asia, and onward, each continent going dark, city by city, like falling dominoes.

“I can’t say exactly what’s happened, but if you look out the window, it seems to be effecting far more than just our building.” A few employees close to the window, looked out and gasped at the stopped traffic and gathering crowds. ” Chris, from accounting called out over the commotion brewing amongst the employees. “Okay, look,” Jason said to the agitated workers, “The most important thing you can do is to get home, and gather food and water, and secure your house.” Jason looked around the room at the astonishment and fear on the faces of his employees and knew that none of them had made bug-out plans, or had any idea what one was until the moment he’d explained it.

He felt sorry for them, but it was too late now, he thought.

Around him, his co-workers were cursing the utilities company, and wondering aloud what had happened to their cell phones, and how long it would be until they had the power back on. ” Jason couldn’t believe that he had to explain it.

There was only one word in Jason’s mind as he gazed out over the mounting chaos on the streets below, “Bug-out.” He turned, and headed for his office, but stopped half way, remembering that as the boss, he was responsible for his employee’s safety. ” he shouted over the rising din of complaints, “I don’t believe we’re dealing with an ordinary situation here.” The office fell deadly silent again as the fourteen employees all turned to face their boss with looks of concern in their eyes. “Like I said,” Jason continued to address the crowd, “I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, but I know it’s big, so I’m shutting down the office and advising you all to get home immediately.” “What about our families, my cell phone’s dead, and I can’t reach my wife! “No…” Chris said softly, with a look of worry on his face.

Time is of the essence, and each minute wasted, the window for getting home safely could be closing.

“Remember,” he said once more to the crowd, “Get home, gather food, water, and lock your doors.” It was the best advice he could give to the unprepared group of employees, but he knew there was so much more to be done.

He was at work on that steamy morning in early July when the E. His warehouse supply company’s headquarters, which occupied the fourteenth floor of one of Chicago’s smaller skyscrapers, was in a frenzy.

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