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Znüni Znüni (at nine o’clock) is the snack break you take at nine o’clock in the morning.

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But as Swiss writer Peter Bichsel once pointed out, perhaps this doesn’t matter at all.

The country seems to function just fine despite the huge variety of languages and dialects.

By the way, the afternoon break is called Zvieri (because it takes place at four o’clock).

Tüpflischiesser Literally someone who "shits little dots", a Tüpflischiesser is a pedant for whom everything has to be done in the right way.

Abfallsackgebühr The matter of garbage is a serious business in Switzerland and local councils have come up with all sorts of innovative ways to make people reduce their household waste.

Among these is the so-called Abfallsackgebühr, or rubbish bag fee.The 1978 film The Swissmakers shows the Swiss DO know how to laugh at themselves. All videos, photos, and articles on this site are free to use for any broadcast or publication as long as the web address Clothes is visible or mentioned.Röstigraben Forget mountain passes, rivers and lakes – the most important division in Switzerland is the invisible language and culture barrier known as the Röstigraben, or Rösti Trench, which runs between the French-speaking and German-speaking part of the country.Named after the typically Swiss German potato dish rösti, this rift symbolizes the supposed deep divisions and mutual incomprehension between the two largest groups in the country.Bünzli This insult – based on a real Swiss surname – applies to those boring people who follow all the rules and make sure everyone else does too.

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