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Thanks Robert for the infor- mation, Andrew Gormly, a regular Amiga spotter, noted the Amiga making an ap- pearance on the Afternoon Show around August.

The show in question appeared to feature the Amiga controlling a synth, although viewers only saw the monitor!

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Sounds to us like it was The Vivid Group's Mandala System, which was also dem- onstrated at the World of Commodore Show, Virtual reality?

Yes, we've checked it out and this rates as one of the more fun applications of this new con- cept to date.

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Once again, thanks to everyone who sent in a letter. Dan Parker was watching Channel 7 newson September 17lh when he spoiled an Amiga 2000 doing its thing.

Frank Warrick, a Queensland news reader, was explaining about tlie 'El Nino' weather pattern which has been causing severe droughts in our countries north - the worst since the mid-1800's.

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Thanks for sending in that one, Dan, have you siill got your Vic 20?

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