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This guarantee states that you have 30 days to test the waters.If you’re not satisfied or you think the training won’t work for you, no problem.And by offering them another solution, they will be grateful and will work even harder to make sure they pay what’s due.

” And that got me thinking: That’s exactly what you DON’T do when someone owes you money. Approaching it as if you’re a modern day mobster is like throwing gasoline on a fire. The first step in dealing with a client who won’t pay up is to figure out WHY. But there are a few things you can do to come out okay in the end.

Often, knowing why can be the difference between getting paid and not getting paid. Let’s take a look at the first scenario: If this is the case, then understand that it’s not a reflection of you or your product or service.

Maybe they aren’t happy with something that can be easily fixed.

If that’s the case, then open, honest, KIND communication is key.

If that doesn’t diffuse the situation, then we further explain our policies to them and let them know that they were made fully aware of these policies when they first signed up.

We also explain that we are a small business, not some large company.

You might not know it, but these could have been traps set up by the police to hunt down thieves like you.

When I heard the phrase, “A Lannister always pays their debts” in Game of Thrones, I thought “Who doesn’t? The sad reality is that there are people – a lot of people – who will happily take advantage of every benefit you have to offer them, but when it comes time to pay up, they’ll refuse to do so. What’s strange is, these same people will grab a pitchfork for a purse snatcher in NYC, but in the comfort of their own home, they’ll happily ignore your phone calls, delete your emails, and spend the money they owe you on something else. That’s exactly what you DON’T do when someone refuses to pay you.

They’ll have an excuse, of course, but the bottom line is, you’re not getting paid. That’s why when I overheard some guy screaming on the phone, “I didn’t do this work for free mother $*#)@U$” it got me thinking…

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