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” “With a low soft moan gurgling up form her throat, Veronica gasped, “Y-yes, that’s a wonderful idea!

” Jenny gave Roni a knowing smile, and with a wave of her hand, she was out of the office in a flash!

Veronica glanced at the clock on the wall and decided to put in another hour of paperwork before leaving for her meeting!

Deborah dug the way her husband Kenny didn’t dare stop after he came but went right on rodding and reaming her country crock until every ounce of the hot cream was beaten into butt-butter.

She was rocking forward on her knees to his top-speed tempo, slobbering and smiling into the stiff white hotel room pillow. Not when she was just finally getting her ass into slut mode.

Thorpe, and do a good job, she’s had quite a long day!

” “Yes, ma’am,” Joanne replied to her boss before turning her attention to Veronica, “follow me please, I have a private changing room set up and ready to go!” “Of course you may,” Joanne replied, “but only if you promise me that I can suck on yours too!” While pulling the young woman’s perky nipples to her hot mouth, Roni said with a sigh, “That’s a deal!Roni’s secretary dropped into her office just before quitting time and offered, “I guess that’s it for today, boss, you feeling all right, you look a little bushed!?!” “I am bushed, Jenny,” Roni replied, “and my shoulders and back and killing me!” “Oh yes, dear,” Roni sighed, “I’ve been looking forward to this moment all day!

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