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It's important that you don't leave her sitting in a wet or dirty nappy for too long.

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Although cloth nappies aren’t for everyone, many parents who choose them absolutely love them.

In the Baby Centre community, you’ll hear mums raving about cloth nappies, or “fluffy bums” with an enthusiasm that disposables can never match.

To help protect against nappy rash, try to get into a routine of changing your baby's nappy before or after every feed, and whenever she's done a poo.

If you find that her bottom still becomes red and sore, she may have sensitive skin.

In the first few days, your baby will need changing about 12 times a day.

After this, for the first few weeks, she'll still poo several times a day and wet at least six nappies.You may prefer to change her nappy as soon as she wakes, so that she's sleepy again by the end of the feed.But if she usually poos during or immediately after she has fed, it would make more sense to wait and change the nappy afterwards.The basics of changing a nappy are the same whether you use disposables or cloth nappies: These steps may be different depending on the nappy you're using.For example, if you're changing a cloth nappy, you may choose to add a liner or put a waterproof wrap on.It’s worth remembering that all babies are different, so a nappy that works brilliantly on one baby might be hopeless on another.

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